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Timely and adequate treatment of infectious (purulent) diseases of other organs. Prevention of stagnation in the small pelvis using physiotherapy methods. Secondary prevention of prostatitis. (For those who have recovered and do not want a repeat). Secondary prevention consists of the activities listed in primary prevention and: regular preventive examinations by a urologist; carrying out preventive courses of treatment: multivitamins, fortifying drugs, physiotherapeutic methods, especially in the autumn-spring periods.

Question: For some reason, the urologist told her husband that prostatitis and the early stage of adenoma are one and the same. It's true? And if not, will the prescribed prostatilen and smartprost help, maybe there is no point in being treated according to such a scheme?

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  • Answer: Hello. Prostatitis is inflammation and adenoma is a tumor.
  • Prostatilen is a drug used to treat non-bacterial prostatitis. Smartprost - physiotherapy for prostatitis.
  • Question: What medications are most effective for treating prostatitis? Age-77 years old. I use the drug "Omnik".
  • Answer: The selection of drugs is carried out individually by the attending physician.
  • Question: At the beginning of May, there were discharge from the penis and pressing sensations in the area of ​​the prostate gland, I went to the urologist, passed urine and ultrasound of the prostate.

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The urologist said that I have prostatitis. Prescribed treatment - Tavanik 14 days, 1 tablet, Trichopol 14 days, 2 tablets, Omnik 1 tablet for 30 days, suppositories for 10 days in the morning Diclofenac in the evening with tambuil suppositories. I have been treating for 7 days already, there is still small colorless discharge from the urethra, when I finish there is no sperm ... What can you advise in my case, what kind of discharge is it and is it possible to have unprotected sex with your wife?

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Discharge is most likely prostatorrhea - the secretion of prostate secretion into the urethra, not associated with sexual arousal and orgasm. Prostatorrhea is usually the result of chronic prostatitis. Have protected sex with your wife. It would be correct to examine your wife too, although she is not worried about anything. She needs to visit a gynecologist and have a tank done. sowing from the vagina to the flora. Or do this analysis in "Invitro" and, depending on the result, contact a gynecologist.

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  • What medications are most effective for treating prostatitis?
  • Age - 77 years old, gender - husband. I use the drug "Omnik".
  • Answer: The selection of drugs is carried out individually by the attending physician.

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Hello! I wanted to know if I have a friend with chronic prostatitis. Chilled on the hunt! I got wet, but did not begin to be treated! Launched it. He has a weak erection. He got married and for several years his wife could not get pregnant, he began to undergo treatment. But the same problems started this winter. He started taking a course of rectal prostatelen suppositories. The wife became pregnant while receiving her husband. Will it harm the child?

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I was worried about discharge and slight itching in the urethra. Did PCR sperm, found chlamydia. A doctor in a paid clinic prescribed TRUS - it showed that everything is normal (clear, even contour, echo is normal, the capsule is not changed, Size: prod-39, anterior-posterior-21, transverse-33. Residual urine - no. Conclusion - without echostructural changes).


Further, they did research on the secretion of the prostate gland, here is the result: (the gland, according to the doctor's statement, is enlarged and inflamed) Leukocytes: 30-40 Erythrocytes: 1-3 Epithelium: nebol.


Grain lecithin: moderate The doctor says that I have chronic prostatitis and need to do 10 sessions of prostate massage and rectal exposure to some kind of medical device. He also says that chlamydia manifested itself against the background of a decrease in immunity due to prostatitis. Who to believe TRUS or a doctor? The doctor prescribed the first stage of treatment: hydrangea, hemo-pro candles. As preparation for prostate massage.


I would be very grateful if you can help. Answer: The main therapeutic measure should be: antibacterial treatment, but prostate massage and, as I understand it, physiotherapy are additional. Question: Good afternoon! I have chronic prostatitis.


Frequent urination, no erection, normal ejaculate, there was blood in the ejaculate, pain seemed to have been injected in the anuswith nails and pulls, but after treatment in the hospital everything went away, now there are clots in the ejaculate in the form of jellied meat! I have been treating for six months already, drank a lot of antibiotics, underwent magnetic physiotherapy and massage therapy courses, did blood purification, during this time there were about 5 urologists they have no confidence, because they want one more to "shake out" the money from the patient.

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The last time I was in the hospital, after which the pains in the pelvic area subsided, but a week later, unpleasant pains in the pelvis and groin began again, I passed a control analysis of the prostate juice. how to be in this situation? please tell me how to deal with it? We are planning children, but this is not the case. Thanks in advance!

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In chronic prostatitis, the classical treatment regimen is a long-term (4-6 months) antibacterial treatment, preferably with drugs from the group of fluoroquinolones.

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